Saturday, September 25, 2010

BFBC2 - AN94 Platinum star

I finaly got the platinum star for the AN 94!
It went pretty easy, the gun is easy to use overused, but still powerful.
I used the AN94 with 4x (ACOG) scope ,magnum ammo and a 40mm shotgun.
The platinum star is awarded at 1000 kills and gives 10000 points.
This might seem easy to most people, but since I can't stick to one class long enough, this took me ages...

This is the screenshot after the match.

This screenshot was taken in game,

And this one shows that it stops counting!(although it still counts the total amount of kills with the weapon) making :'( a second platinum star with this weapon impossible!


  1. i know how you feel. Took me ages to get the star for my m24? anyways it was one of the snipers. The relief when i got it was indescribable

  2. Gratulations! Those are amazing awards!

  3. shit i love this i am an avid gamer mmo and fps games i loved codm2 and cod MW2 but this game is just amazing love it

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